Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pic of Belle (on top) and Skipper

Fiend of mine left today for a holiday.......lucky her. I have been invited to a B-party this Sat.....and to tell you the truth I am nervous and excited..... the nervous is more about taking the 2 dogs..especially now that Skipper is showing clear signs of going deaf. Poor guy is 11 and that is something that happens...... more adjustment for me and of course Belle...she will become his ears..
he already watches her and will react when she does. He hears some..what I don't know... but I have really increased the hand signals that I was already using.

I will work at NOT being sorry for him and WILL work at making sure that his days are comfortable. Max I will look after him and one day the two of you will be together again......

Age..an inevitable thing...we get older ....and things happen .....now it is all in the choosing how to live with it.......

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