Sunday, August 2, 2009

AHHHHH !!!!!

What a lovely Sunday morning. Hope the day doesn't get much warmer......The air is still the Robin chicks are a buzzing and chirping in their play.

It is so funny and yet sooooo true....we as humans worry soooooo much about everything yet the birds find everything they need. Needs and wants......which is more important?

Well IMO, it is hard to answer that question if wants are thought to be needs. I hear so much these economic times....about going back to the basics.....and yet the commercials show that our basics are not just food, water, roof over our heads, etc. ........the basics are now thought to be anything that appears to make our life easier......really!!!!

So how can the new electronic gadgets make life easy when we have to answer them "like right now" and if the battery runs out we have to plug them in and maybe into the car charger for we need to use it ...the d*** ed dare it run out when we NEED the phone, Blackberry, IPhone.......

With all the new convenience are we ever away from the office...or for that matter people. Is not solitude a way and a must when it comes to "recharging us"? Thouht for the day...maybe for a while......

" Are the time saving gadgets and devices time saving or just a new way to enslave us?????"

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