Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The "age old" question is....how do you keep up with the younger generation? The two Granddaughters were here for a sleep over and boy did I enjoy them....but I am finding it hard to give the attention to the age spread...6 yrs.

I enjoy both and both enjoy the time with me......and I work hard to find the things that will fit all of us.....

Really enjoyed the Skits that the girls did... "Bloopers" and all....I missed out in the creative times with my girls and I am glad to see that the creativity has been passed on to the next generation.

I see their love for drama, books, scrapbooking, animal training, social commentary.....and the list goes on. One of the areas that I love to watch them grow is their historical background. This is an area that is SO important to me ...my parents were of the old school of..".there is nothing to tell.. the past is the past".....I disagree...but see their point..who wants to remember the war years?

I must step up my work at putting my memories into print and hopefully have the pics to go along withthem. Getting older is not a time for slowing down...it is a time for enjoying what you have and remembering the past .

Have a good day and may all your memories be happy ones......

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