Monday, August 10, 2009

Took my" babies" to the Vet...... of the most expensive things on the face of the earth....why can not the pets have health care ...not that expensive insurance? A big pet peeve of mine...they say dogs are good for a person's health...yet they are such an expense....and unfortunately some owners feel the only way to deal with thier pet issues is to abandon them.....let us not go there today....

Belle at 8 yrs old , is doing very well...except for her teeth problems...ongoing......weight is same as it has been for years and her annual shots help to keep her healthy......even around other dogs
I was told that I could use Polysporin ear and eye drops when the infection , due to allergies, crops up.

Skipper at 11 yrs old , is going deaf in the right ear and is showing the beginning of cataracts. He has lost some weight...and for a small dog that is important. The heart condition is OK and will be as long as he is given his pills...He also has what the Vet calls "reverse sneezing"...shows up when he is stressed and not a problem....just sounds worse than it is. He sat still for his shots and he also is set for another year.

Well, now my" babies" are doing well for the next year......:-)

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