Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blame,blame, blame......

Well it has been a while since I posted....and life has been lived. Sorry no much happened and I do not want to remember.

What follows is my opinion , and yes it is based on experience...... the next time someone young wants to be a parent....RUN.

No matter what,when , who, or anything else...if you are a parent...particularly a get blamed for everything that their opinion..gone wrong in their life.

You are not a person you are the thing that is to be "beat up" for how they are behaving....and I know that I am not to blame...I am the one who can control my life and I KNOW that I made mistakes..and I learned.......and I am not letting it bring me down....or that person.

My life is mine and I am ok with it.....and if I do not get to see some peeps..not a good thing ...but I will live.

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