Sunday, July 19, 2009

It has been a while...

...and how do I start...????

It seems that I have reached an age when taking an account of the things that matter...and some that do not... is almost a daily thing.

Seeing the passing of some celerities that I have grown up with and then the passing of some recent friends, brings to mind the fact that life is ended with death. a distance I might add....a friend dealing with the passing of her friend also and cherished as well......another dealing with the death of her beloved pet that has been with her for 10 pain is as real as if I was right there or if it was all happening to me. I have had my share of losses...some people and some others of life's job,divorce.....

How do you help others when there is distance...physical.....and how do you prevent yourself from going into a funk....or feel guilty when you are not sad. ???????

This is when I do the separation thing.....these are not my hurts...I feel sad for my friends..but my life goes on in its usual path.

May sound callus...but sanity making.....enough I am ending this and going on with the GOOD THINGS that are in my life........:-)

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